President: R.V. Young

Vice-President: Ryan R. Holston

Treasurer: Luke C. Sheahan

Secretary: James Matthew Wilson


Board of Directors

William F. Byrne
St. John’s University

William F. Byrne is Associate Professor of Government and Politics at St. John’s University (NY), where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in political theory and American politics.  A former Congressional staff member, Dr. Byrne also spent several years in the private sector before entering academia.  He holds a Ph.D. in Politics from The Catholic University of America, an M.B.A. from George Mason University, and a B.A. in History from the University of Pennsylvania.  An Associate Editor of the journal Humanitas, he is the author of Edmund Burke for Our Time:  Moral Imagination, Meaning, and Politics, as well as of numerous scholarly articles.

Justin D. Garrison
Roanoke College

Ryan R. Holston
Virginia Military Institute

Ryan R. Holston is Associate Professor at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA, where he teaches political theory.  He is also an Associate Editor at the journal Humanitas.  Dr. Holston received his Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins University, his M.Sc. from The London School of Economics and Political Science, and his B.A. from Dickinson College.  His published work appears in journals such as Telos, Modern Age, History of Political Thought, Political Science Reviewer, and Humanitas.  He is currently writing a monograph whose working title is Tradition and the Deliberative Turn and a co-edited volume entitled The Historical Mind:  Confronting the Post-Democratic Age.

Daniel McCarthy
The American Conservative

Claes G. Ryn
Catholic University of America

Claes G. Ryn is Professor of Politics at the Catholic University of America (C.U.A.), where he was Chairman of his department for six years. He has taught also at Georgetown University, the University of Virginia, and Louisiana State University. A naturalized American, he was a doctoral and undergraduate student at Uppsala University in his native Sweden. His teaching and research have been predominantly philosophical but interdisciplinary, combining study of ethics, culture, epistemology, and the history of Western political thought with study of American political thought, U.S. foreign policy, and international relations. His many books include America the Virtuous: The Crisis of Democracy and the Quest for Empire; A Common Human Ground: Universality and Particularity in a Multicultural Age; Democracy and the Ethical Life: A Philosophy of Politics and Community; Will, Imagination and Reason: Babbitt, Croce and the Problem of Reality; and the recent novel A Desperate Man, a moral-political drama. In 2011 Ryn received the C.U.A. Provost’s award for most distinguished Achievement in Research. In 1992 The Graduate Students Association at C.U.A. named him Outstanding Graduate Professor at C.U.A. Ryn is Chairman and co-founder of the National Humanities Institute, which studies the moral and cultural bases of civilization. He is Editor of the scholarly journal Humanitas. He was President of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters, of which he was also co-founder, and President of the Philadelphia Society. He has lectured widely in the United States, Europe, and Asia, especially China. A frequent visitor to China, he gave the Distinguished Foreign Scholar Lectures at Peking University in 2000. In 2012 he was named Honorary Professor at Beijing Normal University. Three of his books and many of his articles have been published in China. He is an Honorary Member of Heimdal at Uppsala University, Sweden’s oldest and largest student association.

Luke C. Sheahan
Duke University

James Matthew Wilson
Villanova University