Influencing politics through culture

THE ACADEMY OF PHILOSOPHY AND LETTERS was founded in recognition that the direction of society is set by its most deeply held beliefs and aspirations. These are molded by culture in the broad sense, as represented by universities, the arts, churches, publishing, museums, and entertainment. Acting on the minds, imaginations, and moral-spiritual sensibilities of a society’s members, the culture shapes their general perception of reality and their likes and dislikes—for good or ill. Politics does not operate independently of the culture but reflects it. Though politics can also shape culture, being able to exert educational and other cultural influence is ultimately more important than winning elections. Major and long-range change presupposes a transformation of the culture. Read More.


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2019 APL Annual Conference 

America the Beautiful?
June 7-9, 2019, Revival Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland

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This years’ conference theme is “America the Beautiful?”  Much about the U.S. has long been recognized as beautiful, and much has not.  Beauty—and ugliness—take many forms, and are encountered in many ways:  in artistic works and the natural and built environment, in the broader culture and American society, and in the workings of American democracy and operations of government, institutions, and business.  How do we recognize beauty—and its absence?  What roles do beauty and ugliness play in our lives, and in the life of our nation?  How do we preserve and foster what is beautiful about America?  How do we create beauty where it is lacking?
Location: Hotel Revival, Baltimore, MD (make room reservation)
Program: See full conference program here.
Featured Speakers: Mark Bauerlein (Emery University), Bradley Birzer (Hillsdale College), and Eric Adler (University of Maryland).
Debate: Daniel McCarthy and Richard Reinsch, “Economic Nationalism & the Future of America.” See articles in First Things and Law & Liberty, and podcast.

DEADLINE for registration: 12:00PM, May 8, 2019.