Influencing politics through culture

THE ACADEMY OF PHILOSOPHY AND LETTERS was founded in recognition that the direction of society is set by its most deeply held beliefs and aspirations. These are molded by culture in the broad sense, as represented by universities, the arts, churches, publishing, museums, and entertainment. Acting on the minds, imaginations, and moral-spiritual sensibilities of a society’s members, the culture shapes their general perception of reality and their likes and dislikes—for good or ill. Politics does not operate independently of the culture but reflects it. Though politics can also shape culture, being able to exert educational and other cultural influence is ultimately more important than winning elections. Major and long-range change presupposes a transformation of the culture.


Call for Papers – 2023 Conference

Eras of turmoil are eras of opportunity. What does it take to rebuild the American polity across all of these domains? The Academy of Philosophy and Letters issues a call for papers and presentations on the theme of rebuilding. 

What does it take to rebuild a healthy economy? 

What does it take to rebuild the constitutional foundations of a viable republic?

What does it take to rebuild and beautify our living spaces, the towns, cities, and rural communities so essential to healthy social life? 

What does it take to rebuild and renew a healthy imagination to our culture, literature, architecture, and cinema?

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Save the Date!

Mark your calendars for the 2023 Academy of Philosophy and Letters conference.

When: Thursday, June 1 – Saturday, June 3, 2023

Where: College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, College Park, MD.

Theme: Picking Up the Pieces: Rebuilding a Viable Culture

A call for papers will go out soon.

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Claes Ryn named first recipient of Irving Babbitt Award

Dr. Claes Ryn was named the recipient of APL’s first Irving Babbitt Award. Ryn is a founding member of APL and author of several books including A Common Human Ground, America the Virtuous, Will, Imagination and Reason, and Democracy and the Ethical Life. He is founding editor of the academic journal Humanitas and founding director of the Center for the Study…

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