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"Men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters." – Edmund Burke

2022 Conference Schedule

Thursday, June 2


STUDENT PANEL “Fresh Perspectives on Past and Future”

            Chair: Luke C. Sheahan, President, Academy of Philosophy and Letters

“I Love my Patria More than My Soul’: Morality and Myth in the Works of Machiavelli”

            Thomas Holman, Catholic University of America

“Does the Past Dictate the Future? Competing Conservative Views of the French Revolution”

            Jefferson Henry, Middle Tennessee State University

“From Tripartite to Bipolar: On the Loss of Sentiments in a Democratic Age”

            Caleb Knox, Patrick Henry College

“Beauvoir and Benedict on the Politics of Death and Dying”

            Harry Scherer, Mount St. Mary’s University

“American Catholic Intellectuals and Francoist Spain”

            Paul Macrae, Catholic University of America

5:00-6:00pm Registration
6:00-7:00pm Reception/Cash Bar

            Welcome: Luke C. Sheahan, President, Academy of Philosophy and Letters

7:00pm-9:00 Dinner

Irving Babbitt Award Lecture

            Introduction: Michael Federici, Middle Tennessee State University

“How the Humanities Could Have Saved American Conservatism”

            Claes G. Ryn, Recipient of the Irving Babbitt Award

9:00-11:00pm Reception

Friday, June 3

8:00-8:30am Late Registration


PANEL 1 “After Losing Your Soul: Lessons from Philosophy, Classics, and Letters”

            Chair: Eric Adler, University of Maryland

“America’s Meiji Moment”

            Zachary Yost, Yost Post

“Fishing for Hope in a Sea of Despair: Flannery O’Connor, Cormac McCarthy, and Darkness that Discloses Light”

            Michael Federici, Middle Tennessee State University

 “Repairing the Ruins”: Reclaiming T. S. Eliot’s Nehemian Vision for Our Time

            Gage Crowder, Providence Classical School

“Today’s Aberrant Sexual Politics, in the Light of the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, in the Light of Revolutions in General”

            Harley Price, University of Toronto

10:30-10:45am Break


PANEL 2 “After Disorder: Historical and Political Reactions to Disorder”

            Chair: William Byrne, St. John’s University

“Did Tocqueville Foresee America’s Current Malaise?”

            Gene Callahan, New York University

“Nehemiah’s Job:  Entrepreneurial Rebuilding”

            Steven Alan Samson, Independent Scholar

“The Constitution of Order”

            Ben Peterson, Abilene Christian University

“The Restoration of the Imago Dei

            Scott J. Masson, Tyndale University

12:45-1:00 pm Break


Luncheon Discussion: “Nationalism and Pluralism”

           Introduction: Luke C. Sheahan, President, Academy of Philosophy and Letters

           Speakers: Timon Cline, Westminster Theological Seminary

                       Samuel Goldman, The George Washington University


PANEL 3 “The Virtuous Scholar and the Virtuous People: The Legacy of George Carey”

Chair: Justin Litke, The Catholic University of America

“George Carey and the Fourteenth Amendment”

            Jesse Merriam, Patrick Henry College

“The Virtuous People and the Extended Republic”

            Jason Ross, Liberty University

“Matter and Form: Kendall and Carey on the Federalist”

            Justin Litke, The Catholic University of America

“Do ‘We, the People’ Want Self Government? Carey on Deliberation, Equality and ‘Rights Thinking’”

            Robert A. Schadler, American Foreign Policy Council

6:00pm-7:00pm Cash Bar

7:00pm-9:00 Dinner

Dinner Lecture

Introduction: Shaun Rieley, The American Conservative
“Building Dystopia: What Went Wrong in Modern Architecture

            Justin Shubow, President, National Civic Art Society

9:00-11:00pm Reception

Saturday, June 4

9:00-10:00am Member Meeting Breakfast

            For APL members


PANEL 4 “After Disorder: Rebuilding Our Institutions”

            Chair: Rev. C. R. Wiley, The Theology Pugcast and New Saint Andrews College

 “Building on an Old Foundation”

            Joseph Pipa, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

“Gazing, Inquiring, and Dwelling: The Beauty of Wisdom”

            Gregory Wilbur, New College Franklin

““Evangelical Christianity and Protestant Political Theology”

            Ben Dunson, American Reformer

12:30-2:00pm Meeting of the Board of Directors and Officers

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